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Views were sought on the proposal to help inform this forthcoming major planning application. We saw this as an opportunity to engage with the community and other relevant stakeholders to bring forward a high quality development scheme for the site.

Following the consultation events, the design team will progress a formal planning application.

All comments and feedback on the proposals were accepted for the necessary 12-week period. The planning application was submitted in June 2024.

Please note that comments made at the event, or through the contact form below, were to Ashfield Land (Glasgow) Ltd as the applicant, and are not representations to the planning authority.

There is an opportunity to make representations directly to the planning authority (Aberdeenshire Council) until 25 July 2024.

The planning authority will then decide upon the application.

Existing site and Context

Views were sought during the consultations to help inform a major planning application. We welcomed the opportunity to engage with the community and other relevant stakeholders, to bring forward a high quality development scheme for the site.

The site extends to c 2.061 hectares / 5.1 acres at New Mains of Ury, adjacent to the junction at the A92/A90 AWPR and is therefore a prominent gateway site into Stonehaven.

The development site is bounded to the north by the B979 minor road and to the east by the substantial balancing ponds recently constructed as part of the AWPR infrastructure. The western boundary comprises an existing track providing access to the New Mains of Ury cottages which are located adjacent to the southwest corner of the development site. Beyond the track to the west is a recently completed residential development. The southern boundary is defined by the A90 AWPR.


The site would be defined as a ‘brownfield’ site and is currently occupied by a commercial operation comprising a mixed collection of buildings of various scale and construction including a large steel clad shed, but none having any architectural merit. There is also a significant area of concrete hardstanding currently used for vehicle parking as well as an untidy yard area adjacent to the existing cottages although screening is provided by a landscaped bund.

Although there are some scrub, trees, planting around and within the site, none are protected.


Design Principles and Features


Stonehaven Gateway aims to create an attractive access point to the town, promoting it as a forward-facing and sustainable destination at a key nodal point in the road network.

The ambitious plan will create an electric vehicle (EV) charging hub at the AWPR (Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route) junction with the A90.

Following the first consultation, the site plans have been amended to include 16 ultra-fast EV charging points which will provide a much-needed facility for both locals and visitors, as well as supporting the region’s goals to increase the uptake of electric vehicles in the region.

Stonehaven Gateway will also accommodate custom-built units for high-quality retailers not currently represented in the town bringing a diversity of shopping experience designed to help people shop locally.  The developer is currently in negotiation with various national operators and retailers and anticipates announcing occupiers during the application process.

The development aims to provide a positive contribution to the local economy by creating local jobs and investment both at the construction and operating stage. The provision of these local services and amenities is designed to reduce outward travel from Stonehaven to other areas making the town more sustainable and self-sufficient.


The themes will be further developed as the design evolves and which will include feedback from the consultation process, so we would welcome views on this.


The development will be sensitive to its neighbours with landscaping, fencing and bunding to provide visual and acoustic screening.



The design and materials will be high quality with the buildings having a suitable setting, scale and massing . It is anticipated that there will be several buildings of differing characters rather than a single terrace.

A prominent gateway feature close to the site access is being considered to signify this important gateway and to help entice travellers to stop and enjoy Stonehaven.



The proposals will bring an underutilised and unattractive brownfield site back into beneficial use.

It is the developer’s policy to bring forward proposals that will be energy efficient and sustainable that will enhance the local area and retain their impact over the passage of time.  In creating a local destination for much needed shopping and EV charging it is envisaged that the development will reduce the need to travel outwith the area for local people.



The access will be appropriate for the development with clear and safe routes provided through the site and to the surrounding area.

Levels of car parking shall be in accordance with Aberdeenshire Council standards and alternative modes of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport shall be encouraged to help link the new housing in the area to the town. The development will be fully accessible to less able bodied users.



The orientation of the units can provide views from the road network and will have active frontages enticing through travellers off the arterial routes into the development.  There is then the ability to entice people into Stonehaven.

The consultations


The first event attracted 86 interested residents wanting to find out more about the plans, ask questions and offer suggestions, with more than 50 completing feedback forms after viewing the proposals.



From the first consultation, more than 90% said they supported investment in Stonehaven, with 84% saying they definitely wanted to see new high-quality retailers coming to the site.

There was also broad support for the concept of electric vehicle charging and having seen the plans, 70% said that the development would probably reduce their travel outwith the town.



Ninety percent of people who dropped in to the second public event expressed their support for the proposed Stonehaven Gateway development.

It attracted around 60 people to the town hall and unveiled modifications prompted by feedback from the first consultation.

The doubling of the number of ultra-fast charging points available was welcomed, and feedback showed 89% supporting EV charging at the development and more than 92% “definitely” wanting to see new high-quality retailers at Stonehaven Gateway.


In the second consultation, attendees were also asked about their preference for the number of retail units, with different site plan options on display.

The two options are shown below.

They were also asked about their preferred retailer.


Key items of feedback received from the first consultation, held on 21 February, was the support for a greater number of ultra-fast charging points.

Residents were also interested in how they might access the accompanying retail facilities on foot, and by cycle and bus.
Neighbouring properties wanted to know more about the impact on their homes.

Consequently, the indicative proposals were developed in more detail and included responses to the feedback.

  • 3m wide foot/cycle path provided along site frontage to link into the existing core path either side of the side
  • enhanced landscaping and buffer zone to protect the amenity of Mains of Ury Cottages, including screening to existing cottages
  • indicative layouts reflect the requirements of quality operators who have already expressed an interest in the development
  • 200+ KVA chargers 
  • increased the parking spaces to 18 EV chargers and 34 customer spaces
  • air/ water/ vacuum/ wash bays have been incorporated into the hub
  • Stonehaven Gateway to be as accessible as possible for residents as well as passing trade, so there are now defined pedestrian routes and cycle facilities within the site
  • over 120 FTE jobs will be created, in addition to those during the construction phase

Site plan

Stonehaven Gateway plan - two retailers


Ashfield Land (Glasgow) Ltd is an experienced property company working across the commercial and residential sectors. Established in 1990, the company has delivered consistently across three decades and through several property cycles with 75 completed projects to its name so far.

The company has a proven track record of delivering sustainable projects from brownfield sites for a variety of end uses. Several of these developments over the recent years have included an EV charging element as part of the overall proposals.

Topgolf, Two 74, Glasgow facility

Topgolf, a £25million tech-enabled golf entertainment venue completed in 2022. In addition to Topgolf, 2 additional associated sites are being brought forward, one of which is being promoted for an EV charging hub.


Sinclair Retail Park, Evesham

Retail-led brownfield regeneration to provide a sustainable development for national based retailers including Aldi and Home Bargains


Pyramids Business Park, Bathgate

Re-purposing of existing manufacturing facility to provide office, storage/distribution units plus film studios(BBC and Amazon studios)


Droitwich Road, Worcester

Re-organisation/redevelopment of commercial property site to provide new HGV and staff parking including EV charging points and a Lidl store.


Planning Application

Our planning application has now been lodged with Aberdeenshire Council. Formal representations and comments on the development can be made online through this link until 25 July, 2024.

Or you can get in touch with the project team by completing the contact form below.